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It is very important to maintain the pool joint mastic/expansion joint around the pool to prevent water from entering and eroding the soil below.  If left unsealed water can flow beneath the deck and cause expensive damage. Call on Mastic Solutions if you need the pool expansion joint around your pool coping repaired or replaced. 

Sikaflex 2c SL Self Leveling Polyurethane Sealant Is Available In Many Colors.

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Our commercial services include removing and replacing expansion joints. We service commercial centers, restaurants, buildings, hotels, medical centers and warehouses.
Call on Mastic Solutions for all of your commercial expansions joint repair needs. 

Most expansion joint mastic caulking will dry out over time with a life expectancy of approximately eight to ten years depending on a few conditions. Weathering and exposure to chlorine and other chemicals will eventually cause the mastic to deteriorate. It should be inspected periodically for wear and cracking.  To reseal the joints, the old mastic must be removed and the joint cleaned before applying new sealant. Resealing your mastic expansion joints will prolong the life of your masonry or concrete and protect your investment.  If the joints in your driveway, sidewalk, patio or pool deck are beginning to show wear it maybe time to have Mastic Solutions of Houston schedule a free inspection before a small problem becomes a large one.

At Mastic Solutions of Houston we carry two types of expansion joint self leveling caulking. One is a two part polyurethane manufactured by Sikaflex that comes in many colors, with a life expectancy of seven to ten years and is the number one choice among home owners.  The other is a Silicone rubber manufactured by Dow Corning.  This product is only available in dark grey and has a life expectancy up to twenty years.  The Dow Corning's Silicone Self Leveling product is a premium product and cost almost double that of the Sikaflex Polyurethane.  This product is mostly used in commercial applications such as, parking lots, highways, roads and warehouse floors.  Whether you need mastic installed for a large area or small project, we can provide prompt and reliable service. 


Our residential services to individual homeowners include concrete driveway expansion joint repairs and sidewalk expansion joint repairs and pool deck joint repairs. This not only helps maintain the beauty but also the integrity of your home's value. Call Mastic Solutions for a free estimate.